Welcome to LOpSoc, the award-winning University of Southampton Light Opera Society. We are a friendly group with a strong, enthusiastic community of present and past members. We put on at least two shows and one tour each academic year, being regular participants in the International G&S UniFestival. We also have regular socials, workshops for members and recitals within the society. Our chorus is not auditioned, everyone is welcome to join our productions regardless of previous experience. Our members also have the opportunity to audition for lead roles, be part of production teams, join our orchestra and much more!

In June 2018, LOpSoc brought G&S's Patience forward in time to the early 2000's!

On the 16th of August 2018 we took Patience on tour to the 25th International G&S Festival, performing in the Harrogate Theatre at 2:30pm.

This February 2019 we'll be bringing a medieval resetting of Princess Ida to the Annex Theatre!

If you would like to sponsor us, please contact the LOpSoc committee.


Spring Show

17th - 23rd February 2019

For the first time in nine years, LOpSoc brings Princess Ida to the Annex Theatre! Vikings and Anglo-Saxons clash in this medieval retelling of G&S' eighth operetta!

Summer Show

9th - 15th June 2019

Watch this space for more information about our summer production! Show pitches are taking place early in the academic year.

G&S Festival

16 August 2018

LOpSoc brought a unique restyling of Patience! A bemused rugby team battled the relentless march of hipster culture in this early 2000s resetting of the classic love story. Find out more!

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