The Mikado (Spring 2017)

LOpSoc went once again on the Nuffield Theatre stage with a fresh and unique production of “The Mikado”, one of the most loved and best lasting Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. With a new aesthetic twist and setting, witty libretto and gorgeous music, a production to please newcomers and G&S fans alike.

"The outcome? Another wonderdul performance." - Soton Tab review

"...a brave attempt to explore a different side of the Japanese culture." - Daily Echo review

The tale begins when three children decide to fold origami figures. They play with their creations, naming each one and imagining a story for them. However the three friends do not always agree on the proceedings... Nanki-Poo, son of the Mikado, fled the imperial court to escape marriage with Katisha. Disguised, he falls in love with Yum-Yum, who is already betrothed to her guardian Ko-Ko, the soft-hearted Lord High Executioner of Titipu. Meanwhile, Katisha discovers Nanki-Poo's whereabouts, and the Mikado send orders that an execution must happen within a month if the town wishes to keep its status. Intersecting love triangles, political intrigue, disguised identities and a lot of origami meet in Titipu!

Production Team

Directors: Billy Boulton & George Smith
Musical Director: David Child
Assistant Musical Directors:
Natasha Bennetts & Liam Chan
Choreographer: Renata Stella
Head Producer: Renata Stella
Producers: Isaac Treuherz, Lucy Rose & Venetia Matthews
Costumes: Amber Courage & Eris Perring
Technical Directors: David Young & Tom Pell

Technical Crew: Stage Technician's Society (StageSoc)
and NST Technicians

Principal Cast

Yum-Yum: Amy Wardle
Pitti-Sing: Emma Paull
Peep-Bo: Amber Courage
Katisha: Jenny Samuel
Nanki-Poo: Barnaby Wilson
Ko-Ko: Ben Walker
Pooh-Bah: Phil Needle
Pish-Tush: Richard Kille
The Mikado: Joe Hand
Wendy: Nadia Fundell
Peter: Patrick Edwards
James: Isaac Treuherz

Half a Sixpence (Summer 2017)

A musical based on the novel "Kipps" by H G Wells.Book by Beverley Cross. Music and lyrics by David Heneker. This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weienbeger LTD.

LOpSoc presented a performance of the vibrant and energetic musical 'Half a Sixpence' in June 2017. The play opens in Shalford’s Drapery Emporium where Kipps works and lives as an apprentice draper. Ann, Kipps’ childhood sweetheart, is in service so they don't get much chance to see each other. Kipps thinks that a lover’s token might help the romance, but the next day brings news that is to change his life. He is marched off to join his woodwork class run by Helen Walsingham. Ann is cross and walks out on him just before he learns that he has inherited a fortune. Spurred on by his new social standing Kipps proposes to Helen, but her family pressure makes him realise that Ann is his first and real love. Kipps and Ann marry but his yearning to maintain his social standing creates problems between them...

Production Team

Directors: Venetia Matthews & Nadia Fundell
Assistant Director: Abigail Smith
Musical Directors: Natasha Bennetts & Emma Paull
Assistant Musical Director: Amy Wardle
Choreography: Victoria Howard-Andrews & Emily Gray
Creative Producer: Isaac Treuherz
Publicity Producer: Patrick Edwards
Wardrobe: Guillemette Rident & Michelle McInnes
Technical Directors: George Tucker and Phoebe Sarah
Technical Crew: Stage Technician's Society (StageSoc)

Principal Cast

Arthur Kipps: Maciek Shasha
Ann: Ella Sabine
Helen: Lucia Watts
Sid: Ben Walker
Buggins: Philip Needle
Pearce: David Child
Flo: Megan Warinton
Victoria: Damie Oladebo
Kate: Sophie Blundell
Chitterlow: Billy Boulton
Mrs Walsingham: Rhiannon Creffield
Young Walsingham: Barnaby Wilson
Mr Shalford: Jamie Lumsden
Laura: Robyn Hunt
Gwendolin: Katie Giles
Jeremiah: Isaac Treuherz
Deck chair attendant: Patrick Edwards
Photographer: Tom Pell