The Augustus

7:30pm 12th - 15th June 2024
The Annex Theatre
Estimated Length: 120 mins


LOpSoc brings you an Ancient Roman re-imagining of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular comic opera the Mikado. The Augustus has decreed that his son Quintillus must marry the elderly Agrafa. However Quintillus is in love with Ilium so disguised as a musician he runs away to Misenum to be with her only to discover that she is about to be married to her guardian Cato, the lord High Executioner. Meanwhile, Cato needs to find someone to execute asap, otherwise his own head will be on the block.


The Augustus (The Mikado): Harry Ashton-Key
Quintillus (Nanki-Poo): Joshua Carpenter
Cato (Ko-Ko): Sam Ecclestone-Brown
Pompeius (Pooh-Bah): Dragon Yu
Ineptius (Pish-Tush): Darren Wu
Ilium (Yum-yum): Kimberly Hendricks
Clelia (Pitti-Sing): Imogen Norman
Livia (Peep-Bo): Qingyi Li
Agrafa (Katisha): Lucille Lyllou Chevalier