LOpSoc 2018/19 Committee

Chair: Billy Boulton
Secretary: Martha Fooks
Treasurer: Luke Comerford
Publicity: Jesse Bean McCabe and Delyth Simons
Social Secretary: Isaac Treuherz
Tours: Rhona Graham
Webmaster: Peter Alexander
Loremaster: Daniel Williams-Brown
Ordinary Member: Victoria Arnold

Email us at: contact [at] lopsoc [dot] co [dot] uk

Committee meetings take place every week, usually starting at 6:30pm in 34 / 4013. Anyone can come along to ask questions, bring up issues, or simply watch. Only committee members may cast votes on motions, but feedback from society members is very useful.

The LOpSoc Constitution (pdf)

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For issues related to this website please contact: webmaster [at] lopsoc [dot] co [dot] uk .