7:30PM 21st-24th Feb, Matinee 2:30 on the 24th 2024, The Annex Theatre

Come and see our new show RUDDIGORE next February, running from the 21st-24th at The Annex Theatre. The baronets of Ruddigore have been cursed, and must commit a heinous crime each day or perish in a torturous death. However, the rightful heir to the baronetcy is in hiding, safe from the curse and all it entails... Rose Maybud is secretly in love with Robin Oakapple. While the two youths struggle to confess their love for one another, Robin's foster brother, Richard Dauntless, asks for Rose's hand in marriage. Robin comes forward at the last minute, and proposes to marry Rose as well.

Meanwhile, Sir Despard, the current baronet of Ruddigore, learns that his elder brother whom he believed to be dead not only is still alive, but is also one of Rose Maybud's suitors. Despard takes this opportunity to set himself free from the curse of Ruddigore, passing it on to his brother... Who will inherit the witch’s curse? And what does Basingstoke have to do with all of this? Romance, ghosts, horror, magic, action, music and hilarious comedy met in the Annex stage. The show will be begin at 7:30pm Wednesday to Saturday, with a matinee at 2:30 on Saturday. Tickets can be purchased at SUSU Box Office

Production Team

Director: Joshua Carpenter
Assistant Director: Wong Pin Hong
Musical Director: Fiona Sunderland
Assistant Musical Director: Tommy Poll
Assistant Musical Director: Cerys May
Supervising Producer: Daniel Williams
Producer: Elie Pembrey
Choreographer: Alice Bell

Principal Cast

Robin Oakapple: Joshua Carpenter
Richard 'Dick' Dauntless: Thomas Willis
Sir Despard Murgatroyd: Weilong 'Dragon' Yu
Old Adam Goodheart: Wong Pin Hong
Rose Maybud: Imogen Norman
Mad Margaret: Lucille Chevalier
Dame Hannah: Yiran Wang
Zorah: Qingyi 'Dinosaur' Li
Ruth: Ruihua Zhang
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd: Daniel Williams