Princess Ida

20th - 23rd February 2019, Annex Theatre Southampton

For the first time in nine years LOpSoc brought Gilbert and Sullivan's eighth operetta to the Annex Theatre! To recapture the begrudging tolerance and cooperation of the two neighbouring kingdoms described in the original libretto we set our production in an Early Medieval England. The Hildebrands were the rulers of of a Anglo-Saxon kingdom and Gama was the Jarl of a local Viking settlement seeking to increase his legitimacy and influence by marrying his daughter into the royal line. Ida's women's university became Fort Adamant, a new invention better understood by the more liberal Viking community but ultimately unacceptable to the Anglo-Saxons. LOpSoc started 2019 with another fresh re-imagining of a classic Savoy opera!

Prince Hilarion, heir to an Anglo-Saxon kingdom, was betrothed to Ida, daughter of the Jarl presiding over a local Viking settlement, when they were infants. The two have been separated ever since. Our story unfolds as Hilarion and the court of his father, King Hildebrand, await the arrival of Ida and her family for the long awaited marriage, only to find Ida has disappeared! Jarl Gama and his family explain that Ida has forsworn all men and founded a Women's University. As tensions rise between the two rulers Hilarion proposes he travels to Fort Adamant to remind Ida of her betrothal. Disguised as students at the fort the Prince and his friends, Cyril and Florian, begin their mission to woo Ida into accepting the marriage. But as more and more of the student body discover their true identities, chaos ensues within the university. And beyond the walls, King Hildebrand is amassing an army with the promise to aid his son by any means necessary...

Production Team

Directors: Delyth Simons and Martha Fooks
Musical Directors: Mara Zimmermann and Amber Courage
Assistant Musical Director: David Child
Choreographer: Andrew Rose
Producers: Daniel Williams-Brown and Peter Alexander
Graphic Design: Renata Stella Technical Team: Stage Technician's Society (StageSoc)

Principal Cast

Princess Ida: Bridie Strachan
Prince Hilarion: Luke Comerford
Lady Psyche: Katie Giles
Lady Blanch: Billy Boulton
Lady Melissa: Victoria Arnold
King Hildebrand: Joseph Hand
Florian: Joel Parkinson
Cyril: Pete Alexander
Jarl Gama: Nick Davis
Arac: Sebastian Graves-Read
Guron: Ariel Cahn
Scynthius: Tim Pellew
Sacharissa: Annabelle Sessions
Chloe: Jesse Bean McCabe
Ada: Megan Warinton