G&S UniFest Awards

These awards have been granted to the society for our performances in the International G&S Festival.

  • 2017 - Best Production, Best Director (Billy Boulton and George Smith, Best Musical Director (David Child and Liam Chan)
  • 2015 - Best Director (Emma Joy and Abby Pardoe), Best Character Actress (Jenny Samuel), Best Costumes (Tab Kimpton and Charlie Rowen)
  • 2014 - Best Production, Best Director (Jon North), Best Musical Director (Thomas Joy), Best Character Actor (Richard Patient), Best Male Performer (Joe Hand)

    G&S UniFest Nominations

  • 2017 - Best Chorus, Best Male Performer (Joseph Hand), Best Male Voice (Philip Needle), Best Character Actor (Ben Walker and Barnaby Wilson)
  • 2016 - Best Character Actress (Sophie Brant), Best Character Actor (Billy Boulton and Barnaby Wilson), Best Costumes (Amber Courage)
  • 2015 - Best Chorus
  • 2014 - Best Female Voice (Rosie Bowen), Best Female Performer (Jenny Samuel)
  • Society Awards

    LOpSoc Life Members
    This award is granted to people who have, throughout their time as active members of the society, contributed and performed services for the society above what would be expected of them.
  • 2017 - Renata Stella, Joseph Hand
  • 2016 - Emma Joy, Jeremy Hunt, Emily Gray
  • 2015 - Jon North, Thomas Joy
  • 2014 - Richard Patient
  • 2010 - Dave Turner
  • 1999 - Joanna Shipman, Sarah Toney, Liz Barber
  • 1998 - Adam Case, Victoria Rowcroft, Angus Tavner
  • 1997 - Elizabeth Magill, Ian Shatwell, Nicola Mckinley, Thomas Sandford
  • 1996 - Adrian Hickford, Andy Hall, Jon Smith, Nick Lee
  • 1995 - Claire Chinnery, Martin Patterson, Jim Povy
  • (year unknown) - Harry Campbell, Phil Moxley, Jonathan Dunne, Andy Kay, Richard Peaty

    If you know of any life members not listed here, please contact: webmaster [at] lopsoc [dot] co [dot] uk.

    Professor Lilley Award
    This award, in memory of the society's founder, is granted at the end of the academic year to a person who has contributed to the society above what would be expected of them during that specific year.
  • 2017/2018 - Natasha Bennetts
  • 2016/2017 - Renata Stella